April 16th, 2007

inpowr background

inpowr is based on widely accepted theories of developmental psychology, more specifically, on the concepts of genetic psychology and dynamic metacognition.

Genetic psychology is a cognitive science that studies a person’s real andperceived experiences, as opposed to environmental factors. Metacognitive studies focus on the possibility of exploring consciousness by actively
reflecting on one’s experiences.

inpowr also incorporates the World Health Organization definition of health, as being a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being… By well-being, we are referring to the presence of a pleasant sensation of total satisfaction, and not to the absence of negative sensations (premise: health is not the absence of sickness).

The Self-Discovery Experience
By drawing upon one’s own experiences, a person constructs a definition of self. Similarly, by referring back to those experiences, the person can compare sensations that are perceived in the present, to similar sensations experienced in the past, through the process of differentiation.

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