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  • perdere peso
  • ·save
  • ·look into moving out
  • ·focus on what art i am interested in
  • ·minimize
  • ·clean space
  • ·turn plans to action
  • ·develop ideas further
  • ·get fitter
  • ·help the neighbourhood
  • ·bruke ofte tid på dette
  • ·make it happen
  • ·network more
  • ·get help with my debts
  • ·get better clothes
  • ·write for 3 hours a day
  • ·do yoga every day.
  • ·find a better source of income.
  • ·pursue an acting career.
  • ·set aside time for my talents.
  • ·make some changes to my personal life.
  • ·run everyday.
  • ·do all the best things
  • ·learn to draw and do normal people
  • ·do better in my exams and achieve and pass.
  • ·apply for synergos fellowship
  • ·use 1 hour reading books before bedtime.
  • ·meet old friends twice a month.
  • ·spend weekend with family in laguna monthly.
  • ·develop volunteer program for mfis
  • ·earn project management certification
  • ·start impro group
  • ·take care of my son
  • ·work with kaca
  • ·start running
  • ·be happier
  • ·blablabla
  • ·win an oscar
  • ·buy a bicycle
  • ·get involved in projects
  • ·build a network.
  • ·read more about this
  • ·buy tools to help with this
  • ·find friends to help with this
  • ·worry less about this
  • ·practice skills tests and exercises more
  • ·find other people to practice/learn with
  • ·join clubs or groups
  • ·watch more online videos
  • ·practice vocabulary more
  • ·get into grad school
  • ·improve my backward
  • ·focus on maintaing work, eating and exersice.
  • ·and will move by september
  • ·create a menu for weekly healthy cooking
  • ·schedule time for fun and fitness habits
  • ·make more money doing something i enjoy.
  • ·create financial independence
  • ·work on time management(:
  • ·idk help!!!!
  • ·focusing more on making time to get organised
  • ·study more
  • ·be more proud of myself
  • ·got to yoga class once a week
  • ·go to the gym or a long walk 2x a week

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